Electric Distribution Academy


A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment

Below is a preview video of a course I designed and developed for anyone that wants to learn 28 key components of a distribution system, through video, photos, diagrams, and discussion. It’s great for utility personnel, solar developers, clean energy entrepreneurs – anyone that needs a basic understanding of distribution to get better at what […]

Building the Solar/PV Workforce

The chart above illustrates one of the challenges that needs to be addressed in order for solar energy to help with meeting climate change mitigation goals. The chart was put together by the Solar Energy Industries Association, The Solar Foundation, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and BW Research Partnership. The report National Solar Jobs Census 2020 […]

Share of New Vehicles That Are Presently Electric

President Biden’s announcement yesterday on tightening pollution rules and setting a target that 50% of all new vehicle sales by 2030 be electric vehicles is needed to combat climate change. This thought-provoking chart from the International Energy Agency shows the US currently at 2%, not even 50% of the world. And while there are many […]

What Happened in Texas?

At its highest level, electric power elevates us in so many ways.  It helps us build our awareness of local and global events, understand the experiences and perspectives of others, and collaborate with others to enact change.   It is a driver of our economy, giving us efficient manufacturing, services, and e-commerce.  And electric power is […]

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