The development and publishing of interconnection standards and guides to facilitate the large numbers of grid-connected DER (Distributed Energy Resources) to utility systems in the coming years continues, with a new guide focused on energy storage.

On August 5 of 2022, IEEE published IEEE 1547.9-2022, “IEEE Guide for Using IEEE Std 1547™ for Interconnection of Energy Storage Distributed Energy Resources with Electric Power Systems.”  While the base standard IEEE 1547-2018 applies to energy storage connected to distribution systems, along with distributed generation, IEEE 1547.9-2022 clarifies energy storage specific content and provides guidance on specific energy storage issues not covered in the base standard IEEE 1547-2018.

IEEE 1547.9-2022 includes guidance on:

  • Instances when energy storage is or is not in the scope of IEEE 1547-2018.
  • Interconnection of bi-directional EV charging stations, for bi-directional real power and reactive power exchange, commonly called V2G
  • Charging and generation constraints to minimize negative impacts on the utility distribution system

The IEEE 1547.9 guide applies not only to battery energy storage and other inverter-based storage resources (IBR), put to all forms of energy storage, including thermal energy storage, flywheels, compressed air, and others.

Other significant discussion in the new guide includes:

  • The concept of “operational state of charge” and its use in system modeling
  • The application of energy storage in power system “black-start” schemes
  • Safety guidelines for energy storage interconnections
  • Application of energy storage for frequency control, including fast frequency response (FFR)
  • Energy storage specific changes for interoperability, including additional parameters for energy storage monitoring and control

Additional information about the standard can be found at IEEE.

Tim Taylor is a HeatSpring instructor, including the eight-module course “Interconnection of Utility-Scale Solar PV to Distribution”.