Electric Distribution Academy

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Connecting Utility-Scale Solar PV to Distribution Systems

Our mission is to provide training and resources to professionals working with electric utility distribution systems.

Electric Distribution Academy is an educational resource for individuals and organizations involved with electric utility distributions systems.

Electric distribution is seeing rapid change in solar generation, battery energy storage, and electric vehicles – all in the face of rising climate and environmental pressures. Electric Distribution Academy provides learning resources to individuals and organizations working in these areas, as well as electric distribution fundamentals, engineering, design, and operations.

All of our on-line courses are provided exclusively through HeatSpring, a leader in providing a learning platform and professional network in clean energy, sustainability and technology. Go to HeatSpring to learn more about its many courses, sign up, and join its growing community.

Latest Posts

  • Battery Energy Storage Growth
    Last month, EIA published its US Battery Storage Market Trends. Notable that:1. In 2019, 83% of small-scale battery storage (< 1 MW), which totaled 402 MW in the US, was located in California2. Between 2021 and 2023, installed large-scale battery storage is forecast to be 12,000 MW, which would be10 times the installed amount in 2019.3. The amount of […]
  • A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment
    Below is a preview video of a course I designed and developed for anyone that wants to learn 28 key components of a distribution system, through video, photos, diagrams, and discussion. It’s great for utility personnel, solar developers, clean energy entrepreneurs – anyone that needs a basic understanding of distribution to get better at what they do! You can […]
  • New US DOE Issue Brief
    According to a new US DOE Issue Brief and an upcoming NREL analysis, “…to reach a largely decarbonizedgrid by 2035, solar deployment would need to accelerate to three to four times faster than its currentrate by 2030.” It goes on to say that according to the NREL analysis: “The challenge is that solar job growth will quickly outpace the […]

Available Courses

Overview of Electric Distribution Systems

In this free course, get an over utility electric distribution systems, the principal equipment, and present-day distribution challenges.  An overview of generation and transmission systems is also provided.

A Virtual Tour of Electric Utility Distribution Equipment

In this introductory course, learn about 28 types of equipment and devices that are commonly found on electric distribution feeders, including circuit breakers, reclosers, sectionalizers, switches, fused cutouts, voltage regulators, shunt capacitors, instrument transformers, and other equipment.

Utility Distribution Systems and Equipment

In this professional development course, grown your foundation of the fundamentals of utility distribution systems and equipment.  This course is aimed at anyone who works with utility distribution applications and needs to understand the concepts behind utility distribution systems.

Electric Distribution Academy courses are hosted exclusively on the HeatSpring learning platform, a leader in online learning for clean energy, sustainability, and technology.

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